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15" Alloys for '96 Camry LE

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:D I'm looking for a set of alloys for a '96 Camry V6. I have almost new tires, so no need to chuck them. Plus it's a work car, not a racer anyway. However it is quite clean so I am looking for something nice. Open to suggestions and thank you.

We are in North Florida.

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Mike...use the link in my sig! I've had these for sale since 7-07, and it seems on one wants them bc their 15's....Cherry rims...Like new, not OEM....but better IMO! Their boxed and ready to ship!
Thank you

And that folks is proof that timing is everything. Thanks for getting a note to me on both the wheels and the sale. Appreciate you sending me the first note and am glad for you that they sold.

Mike the sale failed....damnit!! Still have em if ur interested!!
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