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15X12 wheels for sale

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Ok guys I got my new wheels ordered so these can now be sold :)
Pics are in my sig. I will have these polished all up before I ship em.
I am looking for 450 shipped. Just make sure there is a greyhound
terminal close to you. Fastest way to ship for me
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Obo :)
skid plate for sale??? jk
Haha no I think I will be keepin it for a while. I have kinda thought about making a few more but I just dont know when I would have the time
I really need these gone so shoot me some offers :D
Hmmmmm ... I'm so tempted. Gimme the next couple of weeks to consider (if they are still there by then).
Sounds good man
Make sure you have these listed on yotatech and pirate4x4 as well... In order to look right a 12" rim really needs to have at least a 14 inch tire on it and you're more likely to find people running bigger tires over on those forums.

I haven't seen anyone on this forum running bigger than 12.5's and those look best on 8-10" rims imo.

Pirate4x4 has a very busy classified section...
Will do. Thanks man!!
I can prob do that but they will charge quite a bit I bet
Give me a town location and I will get a shipping quote
Hey man they want way too much to ship up there. He quoted me a little over 200. Thats just a little too much for shipping alone :(
I figured ...

sorry I wasted your time ...

good luck with the sale , Back Up .
Not at all man. Hope you find some for your truck :)
400 shipped guys :D
Ok I want these gone asap so I am selling them for $200 plus shipping.
Let me know if you need more pics guys
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