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2018 Corolla SE
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AEM 21-776C Performance Cold Air Intake, same as the one K&N sells since they are both the same company now, 2016-2018 Corolla sedan & Corolla IM, Scion IM. Used for one year, very good condition. Original box in mint condition. I will be include
  • 1-1000 AEM AIR FILTER CLEANER sprayer.
  • AEM license plate frame.
  • Original AEM box.
This is the dry filter so no oiling. The dry filter is bent from the tight fit this filter requires. See installed picture, its the right top corner by the ecu. It doesn’t affect the performance of it but I just wanted to put it out there. This is an excellent filter that requires minimum maintenance. More expensive than the oiled ones.
Selling it because I am getting another car later on this year. Great and easy to use. AEM has directions on how to install.
21-776C AEM Cold Air Intake System.

Asking $160 shipped.
location is North Jersey.




1 - 2 of 2 Posts