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168/194 corner lamp problem

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ok i know the manual listed the corner lamp next to the headlights on a gen3 as using 168 bulbs, and i also looked and found the watt/life info around the boards.

168 is ~5W, bulb life is 1500 and 3000 hours for XL

194 is ~4W, bulb life is 2500 and 120,000 hours for XL

my question is, based on this info, is it safe or ok to put a 194 into the 168 slot?
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Yes, i'm pretty sure thats ok to do.
yay. then off to autozone. unless anyone says otherwise ^^;
it's okay for a fact, i have a 194 bulb in my corner lamp also:thumbup:
Too bad gen 4.5s use some weird size. I wish I could use 168s :( you dont. u should use 194. brighter looking than the gross ambers. not technically 'street legal' but still, brighter.
I replaced my oem orange bulbs with regular clear ones. They're not white but they're not orange. When the blinker is on they match the headlights (OEM) perfect in color.
ya, i replaced mine today and they look kinda eerie. theyre blue and really dont match my headlights cuz 1) they headlights are filmed over and 2) they aren't 'super white' bulbs.

and i have the luck of having two different brightness headlights cuz one blew out b4 the other...

im waiting for one to go out so i can get a pack of cool blues.
I had *gasp* APC H4s on my Altima when I totalled it. I think I'm staying OEM yellow on this car :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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