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16x7.5 rims

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does any1 kno where i can find a good selection of 16x7.5 rims that dont weight a ton? if u have any suggestions as a style or color (my camrys black)

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I've been lookin but idk i havent found many that are 7.5 alot are 7in and i dont wanna have the prego look if i get the 16x7s
These BBS are specifically made for the Camry. Correct hub size & all. They were an upgrade option in certain markets. It's what I have on my '95 V6 XLE. I've been really happy with them. Not for everyone though. Depends on what style you like.
yea those are nice but do they have them in 16x7.5? i dont wanna have the tire look like its goin out past the rim
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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