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17" rims on a camry?

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Well, I have a chance to get some 17" wheels with tires and all for $400. the tires are 225/50r17's i believe. If i can make it work id rly like to take them up on the offer. now i have a few questions. the bolt pattern is slightly off. I heard i can get some adapters to go on to fix this which will also work slightly as a spacer and this should help to keep it from rubbing also. anybody know where i can get these? also, what will i have to do to these to keep them from rubbing when i turn. i took my wheel off and saw that if it bolted up it would set in there without coming out past the fender very much at all. wont the adapter take care of any extra that will be needed if i get it the right size? another thing is since these rims will obviously be heavier, a brake upgrade will be needed. where can i get good rotors and pads and what brands are best to use? thanks for any information you may be able to offer.
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I dont think the rims will really be heavier than your steel wheels. They might be around the same weight or less (Depending on the type of rim, of course).

About the spacing, my advice to you would be to just figure out getting that adapter and mounting one wheel on and finding out the hard way. Your offset SHOULD be 40-45 (I think). I need someone else to come in and correct me on the offset I think.

P.S. whats the offset on those wheels?
thanks for the info. ill hold off on the brake upgrade till i see how it goes with the rims on there. they are not really heavy just a person i talked to said i may need that. also im not sure what the offset on the rims is. how can i find out? im still pretty new to rims and such.
Flip the rim over and look behind it. It HAS to be written somewhere. Its a 2 digit number. And about the bigger brakes, those will make your car slower as well, because dont forget; bigger brakes weigh more too!

And your putting these rims on your 90 Camry? Hmm......
yeah that is true about the brakes. i just want to make sure to be able to slow down and stop so as i dont have to pay for some rich dudes bmw on campus.... yeah the rims are goin on a gen 2. but its all good they look better than hubcaps and plus i can always sell them and make some money back incase i wanna put 16"s and slam it :D ill try to get a look at those rims tommorrow and post what i discover
Okay, you need 45 series tires for your gen 2 to keep the same overall diameter, not 50 series. However, you may be able to get away with 50 series since your car is not lowered but your speedometer will be slightly off. I have 17's on my 90 dx and my car is lowered. There is not rubbing whatsoever no matter how hard I corner. Offset should be about 40mm also.

Also, you don't need to upgrade brakes for 17's. Your stock one will work the same(crappy). I upgraded my Brake pads to TRD units but now I am going with Axxis metal masters. Upgrading your brake pads is all you will ever need to do for the street. But if you are insane like me and don't know how not to spend money on your car, you can get a Big brake kit(which you must have 17's to fit behind) but that is total overkill for the street.
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hopefully it will work since i do not plan on trying to lower it any time soon. $400 for 17"s and tires with only a few weeks of usage is a pretty good deal. i will look into switching out the brake pads as the ones i have now are cheap and squeek and im sick of it anyway. the adapters will also set them out somewhat so they shouldnt rub. ill make sure to have somebody match my speed while following me so i can make sure not to get a ticket. also does anybody know where i can get ahold of some of these adapters? im gonna check an import shop near where i live when i go back to campus this week. hopefully he can order some for me. thanks for the info guys. ill post results whenever something happens.
ic. well i went and double checked. its not 225 its 215 so they are 215/50r17. when i looked at the back of the rim, the only numbers i saw was one that said 7 1/2 and one that said 00/38. im guessing thats the offset? so with it being a 50 series it will definately not fit or what? its not gonna be lowered anytime soon and i plan on possible suspension upgrades within the next 6 months. how much difference in size is there between 40 series and 50? also the adapters can be bought in different thickness to also work as a spacer so how thick of one might i need? as always, help is appreciated.
what is the lug spacing of the wheels?

These are going to take too much work for you to use, I think.

I'd shop around for something else.
I'd suggest trying to bring them to a local tire shop and have them mount them and see if they rim ride. I'd suggest having them match up an appropriate tire size and rim for you while your at it. ;)
Okay, my rims I have on my car right now are 17 x 7 inch rims with a 38mm offset. They fit fine. The tires are 205/45/17's but they probably should be 215/45/17's. My car is also lowered and even full of stuff/people and on hard cornering, it NEVER rubs. 50 series tires may be an issue though. You should see if you can try it on before you buy. But if it is the wrong tire size AND the wrong bolt pattern then I wouldn't even bother. After you buy the spacers and go through the headache of making sure everything works right and checking your speedo, you will probably wish that you just bought the right kind of rims and tires in the first place.

P.S. How did you JDM 3sfe swap go Downsoutdx? Car back up and running yet?

UfoZ8myCow said:
having bigger rims isnt going to make it harder for your car to stop... a brake upgrade is not totally necessary. in fact, you are adding more mass to be turned by your car and itll slow down easier.
Bigger rims if they weigh enough do make it harder for your car to stop. 17's are really going to make a difference especially since stock steelies are heavy anyway but going from like a 14 inch aluminum rim to like 19 inch Chrome rims will affect your car significantly. It will take longer to get all that rotating mass up to speed and it will take longer to slow it down.
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how much difference is there between a 45 series and a 50 series? is it really a big enough chance that it would cause it to rub even though the car is higher and will be spaced out some by the adapter? with just the rims and adapter im lookin at about $550. i cant really put too much more money than that into it at the moment but ill buy spacers if i need to. the bolt pattern is the 5x114 on the rims i think. it was vry close to fitting when we tried it. cant rly afford to go out and buy rims and tires all. the tires are pretty much new with only a few weeks of use on them and the rims are in real good condition.
You can find 17 inch rims and tires that will fit your car for that much easy. First thing that comes to mind is ebay.
well the lowest i saw on ebay was a little over $600 and another $100 for shipping...a little more than i was hoping to put in there considering that all this already planned would b cheaper....also with the adapter plates it could use either 5x100 or 5x114 which would make it easier when buying in the future. also the JDM swap went vry well and I am currently enjoying my new JDM 3sfe. the mechanic had to change a few things such as the valve cover because i didnt have the spark plug wires from the other one but i plan on getting some at one time or another and switching it back over cause i like the way it looks better. other things he changed are distributor and power steering belt. i think thats about all. thanks again for your help in both that and the current issue.
well as an update the 17"s were dropped and now im getting a set of 16"s ordered for abt 90 bucks a peice which will end up being near $360. still gonna need tires but its not half the trouble. thanks for the help guys.
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