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hi all,
Been searching around either for a Re-man or parts to rebuild my distributor and cant find anything. Currently @ 144,000 miles and with the original distributor the engine is running fine but i get that occasional "jump"/"miss" while idling in "D" at the stop light. Its not a misfire or out of timing, it may just be time to replace the timing chains/sprockets etc. I'm the second owner of going on 10 yrs now and got the car from a little old lady who had it from day 1, i got it @ 95K and i'm pretty sure the timing chains havent been replaced. so thats probably is the problem. seeing how scarce its becoming to find parts i wanted to get another distributor or at least find parts to rebuild. anybody got any leads?

maintenance done is the standard change out of wires, cap,plugs, rotor, points.

Amazoom/ Cardone....Reman. PN 31-704... out of stock and no ETA (got this from a customer service person at Cardone)

Rockauto... only has services available to rebuild...they use to carry the Carone 31-704(should have gotten it when they were avail.)


73' corona /18RC/auto/3spd/2 DHT
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