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1979-1983 Tailgate Question

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Hello members. It's good to be back on this site and be a proud Toyota Pickup owner again. I am a new owner of a '83 Shortbed Sr5 4x4. I know there were more than one style of tailgate during the Production of this generation. I have a Pic (Not my truck) of the tailgate I'm asking about.

My question is Did this tailgate in the pic bellow was on all the Sr5 trucks from this generation or was this tailgate like an option offered on certain Packages?

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Your talking about the single center handle vs the 2 latches (one on each side)?
No, it wasn't trim level related. My DX (base model) 83 has that style. IIRC it depended on if it had a Japanese bed or a US made bed installed in California.
So is this bedstyle is the US? and the 2 latch bedstyle is from Japan?
the earily beds were NOT built in the US .. only the 84 + beds were , because of the import laws changing .

the 79-81's had the side "latch" type tail gates , and /82+83 had the center latch style ..

many beds have been interchainged over the years due to rust problems , so you may have one with latches that isnt supose to be , but this is how it was .

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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