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1982 Minor/Major Problems?

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I recently pulled my toyota out of the weeds after about 10 years. I poured gas down the carb and put in a new battery and it fired right up. After I replaced the front seal it won't run properly. It will start and run for about 30 seconds then it just dies like it runs out of gas. Also It won't idle when the engine is warm. I had messed with the timing, electric choke, and mixture screws and took the carb off and cleaned it. But it still won't run:confused: . But it starts right back up after it dies. PLEASE help my guys.

P.S. It is a 1982 22R 4x4
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I would check your fuel pump and your fuel filter. You might also have rust inside the fuel tank that is plugging the fuel line. Good luck.
What I've done in the past for other vehicles that have sat is simply drop a line into a one gollon container of gas on the fender well or somewhere near the carb and attach the line to the carb. This should at least give you an idea if it is just fuel related.
I have replaced the fuel filter and the manual fuel pump. Next I'm gonna run a seperate line to a gas tank.
i bet you have old gas too. drop the tank or at least drain it and flush it out . also spray some carb cleaner down in her and make sure you check the coolant so you dont warp the head or blow a gasket.
Well when we put gas in her she was completely dry, so I added some carb and fuel injector cleaner in her. I have ran a line from the carb to the mech. fuel pump straight into a gas container and it still did the same thing. It might be something as little as a vacuum hose that isn't hooked up right. I finally went and bought a book for it, I just haven't had time to look at it lately. When I changed the front seal in her I also drained and flushed the radiator. But a few weeks back it got a little cold. I checked the fluid and it wasn't froze but when I started her up antifreeze was dripping out somewhere behing the starter.?
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