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Front of rona!

Another lovely side of rona!

Ronas dirty Ass!

Interior of Rona, check the fluffys

Dash of rona, check the boost guage ^_^

Ronas power styz, its 1982 remember!, elec windows, central locking, window locking etc.

Ronas back seat.... mmm comfy

Ronas powerhouse, 2.0L Stright 6 Turbo, fear the power!

Ok, as seen, (you prolly cant0, but the 2 spots that have lines pointing at them are the problem spots, both sides need gaskets (gasket paper in rona right now), so it will stop stalling.)

when you turn the car off, it keeps running, coz the idle valve is fucking WIDE open, so its like a turbo timer, that just dies... very slowly...

did some MEAN doughies last night in her, go the snow! its full drift styz ^_^ now... step 1, fix ronas stalling problem! (shes just a little scared... thats all...)

anyone know where i can get some info on the M-TEU engine?

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nice car, man - no joke.
but now i've gotta ask ... fuzzy dice, man?

on another note ... i'm slightly confused. i know we had the Corona here in the 70's, but this car looks like one of the Cressidas we got here, too. what gives?
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