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Bring plates and drive it home!! Has a current sticker till March 2006!

I bought this to fix up and race, but I already have 2 cars and I really can't focus on this one!!

Just over 130,000 miles on the clock, title proves it is actual mileage! Tons of power, stops on a dime!!

1983 Celica GT
5 speed manual
RWD (spins both tires)
Coupe, not hatchback (more badass looking!!)
Power mirrors (driver's side works fine, pass does not work)
Cruise control (works fine)
Original AM/FM Cassette with stock amp and subwoofer option! (works perfectly, tape deck has eject issues!)
Rear defrost (works fine)
Full gauges (water temp, oil pressure, amp, etc) (all work fine)

Following said to be new when I bought it a few weeks ago:
New stage 2 racing clutch (grabs awesome)
New brakes (stops on a DIME)
Recent radiator (could use a flush)
New clutch lines
New exhaust (has a leak at the donut)

Has original steel rims in back with centercaps and trim rings, front has steelies with hub caps. All tires are good and are 14".

Car doesn't smoke, make noise, or anything like that. Has a little shudder or pulsation while driving, but probably needs a good tune up. Also leaks power steering fluid from under the car near the firewall on the driver's side. Haven't had a chance to check it out.

Car needs quarter panels bad. Very rotted. Rockers are wasted too. This is why it makes the perfect race car! Could be fixed but... not for the amature.

Needs driver's fender, as front is crinkled. Could pound out. Also needs front bumper support bent back.

Needs driver's side turn signal/running light lens. Has one on there with an amber bulb (so it's legal to drive).

All lights work as they should. Headlights flip up and down no problem.

Everything inside works and the interior is near mint! Just missing the shift boot.

All glass is good.

Horn is disconnected (at the horn itself). Blows a fuse when pluged in.

So, car runs and drives fine, but needs lots of body work. Great to buy and use the drivetrain in something else or just daily drive it.

Asking $200 as is. Might consider offers.
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