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1984 Tercel problem

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I am in need of advice, my 84 Tercel wont start, its something to do I think with the main relay switch, the car keeps blowing the main fuse for the ignition as soon as I put the fuse in, so I think I need to replace it but can find absolutely nothing about how or what to look for on the web. Please help, if I cant figure it out fast I will be rather screwed as its a 20 mile trek to work and I am the only one around with a car... Any advice would be wonderful.
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You've got a wiring problem somewhere. This can be a costly repair that can get more costly if repairs are attempted first by someome that doesn't know how to do such repairs. Look for a wiring specialist in your area as this is a problem you'd need to see the car to know what is wrong.
I wish I could help in a better way.
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