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New on here, tried to get to the classified and all I got was a page of ads. Not sure how to get this in the right place.

This is a family member's baby. 1984 Toyota HiAce pop-up camper van. Cancer took him last year and it isn't the same without him happily driving the rig. We never saw another one like it, and haven't seen any for sale in US and I've been told there were possibly as few as 100 made like this. The pop-up top takes less than 5 minutes for 1 person to set up. The 2 burner stove, refrigerator, and sink all work great. There are dents, scratches and a small amount of rust. The windshield has a crack from a rock hitting it. There are 2 tears in the fold down bench seat in the back. The overhead bed is like being in a comfy tree house. While in the midwest it has been stored in the garage every winter and there are maintenance records, owners manual and repair manual to go with it. Two boxes of parts like distributor caps and alternators included. With 286,000 miles it runs fantastic.

Tires are great. Engine has had work/rebuild: Rear differential, tie rods, complete overhaul of front brakes, pump assembly, idler arm and new transmission are some of the maintenance receipts I have that have in less than the last 40K miles. He bought it about 15 years ago. The past 10 years it has only been driven summers and mostly once a week to a town 30 miles away.

Because it appears to be really rare and it runs like a champ, we are starting at $9600. There are just some small cosmetic things to be done to make it amazing. Please email: [email protected] or call 608-606-5436 . No texts please. I know there is someone out there who wants to travel the country and love this van camper as much as we did.



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