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1985 Celica GTS Convertible

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HELP.........Looking for some thoughts and ideas......put a new top on and it looks GREAT......I have the center boot but looking for the two side boots....or can they be made from a template? then the tough one.....on the driver's side door....the gang switches for windows.....the window lock rock, the main driver's window, the passenger window and then the two rear windows......the main driver's window switch works...POORLY......even found a donor new door panel with switches and it all worked for about a month...what is the deal with the driver's side HARD to roll down but EASY to roll back up? Help....ALSO its a black car and the paint job is in good condition but what would you suggest to clean and shine the paint up?

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You should look at the wiring harness on the driver side window switch assembly and see if the ground wire(s) are well grounded. And you should check the wiring harness bundle from the grommet in the door to the grommet going into the car body - the frequent opening/closing of this door often fatigues the wiring and you may have one or more of the wiring with few strands still intact within the plastic insulation. These issues can be difficult to find.
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