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1985 Toyota Diesel P/up Questions

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I am sorry to bug some of you with this.
We just bought this truck and it IS diesel.
Engine 2L-T 2.4 cc Turbo Diesel. We just replaced the glow plugs on it~the light goes off very fast. I have a hard time getting it to idle. Is there something special I should be doing with the choke?
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While I am new to Toyota diesels, I do have alot of diesel experience. There is no choke on a diesel. The "choke" or throttle blade that these engines have is to allow smooth shutdown when turning the engine off. A hard idle problem once the engine has started and warmed up can indicate a fuel leak (lets air in the system) retarded injection pump timing or a worn out injection pump. Coked up injectors can cause it too, but that can be fixed alot of times by taking the engine for a hard run up the road. Timing belts and chains suffer accelerated wear on diesels because the injection pump puts substantial load on these components. A gear drive setup would be ideal, but most light diesels do not use these setups because of cost. Take a look at your timing belt. A stretched belt will retard timing of the valves as well as the injection pump. The retarded valve timing causes a compression loss at low engine speeds which can further aggravate the idle situation, especially when retarded injection timing is factored in.
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There is a "Choke" knob in my 1983 stock L series diesel pickup. It does not connect to a choke but rather does connect to the injection pump. what it does is increases the fuel at idle/start up. You simply pull the knob and twist it clockwise to lock it on, then after truck has warmed up you simply twist it counter clockwise.
The knob does have the traditional Choke symbol on it.
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