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1986 22R fuel pump problem

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Hello everyone,

I searched but could not find a similar problem. 1986 22R 225k rebuilt motor. Replaced the pump last month, about 500 miles since. Truck died yesterday, seemed fuel related so replaced the filter, no change. Removed the pump and found that the lever on the pump(mechanical)had broken off. I can't see or feel the broken off piece, so its now in the motor.

My questions:

1. Is the pump failure most likely due to an improper install? I felt like the cam was in the right position when I installed it(lowest), or could it been a faulty pump?

2. How big of a deal is this? How do I get the broken piece out? Is it most likely in the oil pan by now?

I will greatly appreciate any helpful advice that anyone can offer.

Thank You.
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take the oil pan off and if the parts not there, take the timing chain cover off
first pull the valve cover off and see if you can see the piece in there. it is pretty tight in there so i cant imagine a piece that big making it into the pan but it very well could have.
That type of failure is most likely a pump problem. A small crack in the actuator arm from the manufacturing process annealed and caused the arm to break. This should be right at the hinge pin for the arm. That's a big piece to leave floating around. If it is not in the head pocket, use a real strong magnet like neodymium OUTSIDE the oil pan to drag the chunk forward so you can use a part grabber or embedded magnetic probe down the timing chain well. DO NOT USE A LOOSE MAGNET on a metal stick in the timing chain well or it will find it's way to the crank and then you will have to drop the pan.
Thanks guys for the replies. I was able to get to the broken piece by just removing the valve cover.

About the valve cover...... the washers and grommets were just recently put on new......should I still replace them now that I have removed them, or are they probably ok, since they're fairly new?

Thanks Again.
you can probably reuse them. dont over tighten the valve cover or the rockers will hit the cover.
They should be OK as long as the rubber is still soft.
Glad you recovered the piece, could have been bad.
Through the years I have found that even a used Toyota fuel pump is better than any aftermarket one. It's one thing you have to go OEM on.
Yeah, I've had two fuel pumps fail since the motor was rebuilt:headbang:

How do I get my hands on an oem fuel pump? Junkyard?

Thanks everyone.
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