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The car has lived a long life (and with luck, will live even longer). It was purchased used in Maryland by a family member, driven for ~10 years, moved to Texas, sold to another family member, and still drives. Recently, she started making a very strange noise and wobble on power, which I traced to the CV axles.

4 days later, it has new CV axles and front shocks, there is a HUGE transmission fluid spot on my work area, and the car drives like new.

She's still ugly as sin, which is the result of a rearender with a van. The headlamp bucket and grille are completely missing.

The next weekend project is an aesthetic facelift... new grille, new headlamp mount, chrome bucket, lamps, and a good washing.

For now, I'm content to sit at my computer (my arms are killing me after torquing everything down).

Oh, and Hi, I'm new to the forum (searched for it after I finished the shocks/CV axles.)
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