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1986 Corolla (Chisel shape) - 1.3L - 2A Engine

Symptoms : Recently, whilst driving...the car sort started to struggle. Meaning, that it seemed to be cutting off...sorta starving for petrol. Eventually made it home, with the sudden lack of power....and it was a real mission to move. Wen I gt home...tried checking the various cables etc, but all seemed fine. But then the car refused to start. Continued to swing, but not start. After checking each lead, it was noticed that there was no 'fire' / spark from all 4 leads. The coil lead had fire.

Eventually, replaced the coil, wid a second hand one, then all new parts (distr. cap / plug leads / condenser / points / plugs / rotor), the car eventually started.
But what I noticed now, there seems to be a lack of power (considerably!) - also...there are still wen in motion, it sort struggles....sorta like missing / or / less fuel / or dirt in the carb...I don't know. The fuel usage seems to have increased...and no-matter how down the accelerator goes...there jst seems to be a 'flat spot' / lack of power.

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