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Hi All,
I have a 1986 Toyota SR5 XtraCab 4x4 5 Speed 22RE truck with 243K miles. I have had this truck since 1996 and it never once gave me issues. All is stock excpet LC timing chain and guides. About 2 years ago the rear brake line near the gas tank burst and its been sitting in my garage ever since. Always meant to fix it but never had the time or permission to spend money on it from the boss. The frame is rusty and its been repaired once before but probably needs attention again. The original bed rusted out so I bought a new (maybe 90's) bed from Florida and put it on. All the fluids have been Amsoil since I have owned it and the original owner replaced the clutch once, it still works great. I put fuel stabilizer in the tank every year since it sat in the garage and I topped off the fuel to minimize water condensation. I started it to wash it and it started the second I turned the key, its always been that way. So my point is.... I do not need the truck any longer nor have the capacity to fix it. What do you all recommend I do with her? I don't want to salvage her, she is too good/loyal and think she still has plenty of use for someone who has the time to give her.

I'm in a PA suburb 30 mins from philly.


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