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1987 22r Surging

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Hi all, I gotta wierd surge problem and I thought id throw it out there in case anyone can confirm or deny my suspicions...

Sometimes while driving, if I take my foot off the gas the engine is still running as if my foot is will just run and run until I either pump the gas once or twice and it will go away, or if I push the clutch in I can hear the engine surge...and then go down to if something is getting "stuck" and either applying the clutch or feathering the gas will free it up.

Suspicion number 1 is the carberatur, maybe the lfoat ball is getting sucked up and stuck...suspicion number 2 is the accelerator cable getting siezed up in its cable housing, although that wouldnt account for the surge going away if I apply the clutch....

Any ideas? Id like to avoid having my mechanic do some troubleshooting at 100 bucks an hour...;)
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Don't know about yours, but my 87 is fuel injected:D
Ya got me on that one. Maybe a vacuum leak? Although that doesn't explain the clutch thing either....
BTW, I think the absolute best truck shop in town is Marty's Import Truck Service.
I hear ya on that one...I called all over town trying to find someone to help me with this idle problem I was having...after talking to at least 13 or 14 garages I found Import Truck Service to be the most help, Marty knows his business. Alot of these "mechanics" I talked to said things like "carberatuer huh? Thats a little before my time..." and then they would be like "try joe at so-and-so garage..." LOL.... Marty will get all of my truck business from here on out.

Im still poor I try to fix whats i cans...:lol:
It seems unlikely that the carbs float valve would be sticking. You would have unburned fuel and sooty smoke out the tailpipe as well as more serious starting (flooded) and driveability problems.

The throttle cable may be sticking/there might be crud build-up on the firewall side of the carb where all the linkages are. Lube the throttle cable and pedal pivot for the accelerator pedal with silicone spray. Keep the spray off the pedals...and while your already in there, spray some silicone on the heater/ac box linkages, pivots and cables. Take carb cleaner and spray the carb.

This past winter a friend with a Ford Ranger had this happen. The colder it was, the worse the problem. A shot of carb cleaner fixed it.
Sometimes crud also builds up on the wall inside the throat of the carb. I usually take a piece of old t-shirt or something and use a screw driver to hold the butterfly valve open and wipe spray out of carb throat. I also had one onetime have ridges worn under carb butterfly and had to remove carb and apply sand paper to rough spots. Hope this helps!
Does it have a high idle solenoid? Usually used to eliminate spitting under deceleration by keeping the throttle open just a bit. Sometimes it also keeps the idle speed up under other conditions if it's not working right.
Thanks for the tips yall....

Im hoping its something as simple as the cable getting stuck, I dont wanna fool around with that carb anymore....

Ill see if some lube will do the trick....

cheers all!!
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