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1987 4 Runner Turbo

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It is one of the factory turbos. 162,??? original miles.

Mechanically it is great!!
It has a new head (NEW cast not a reman, have receipt) less that 5 k miles ago. It got the high dollar metal head gasket from LC Engineering and it has the oversize radiator from LC as well. Also has a new alternator as of 3 weeks ago. Runs as smooth as any 22R I have ever had.

Interior is decent but not perfect.
All digital dash which all works. Seats are fine, carpet is okay. Power windows and Doorlock, auto w/ O/D, dash has a couple of cracks. Sunroof glass is cracked but does not leak. Wiper sparyer does not work (wipers do). AC is cool (not cold)and has been that way since I bought the car so the compressor definately works. It has not been converted.

Exterior is fair.
the pic says it all. The door got "hyperextended" some time. I have another fender to go w/ it.

I have pics I can send or take ones of anything you want to see.

I just don't like it because it is an automatic... and I have an 85 straight axle I want to play w/...

Looking for $3500...

I am near Raleigh NC

email [email protected]
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It is still my daily driver... I took it on a 350 mile trip yesterday into South Carolina and back and I may have undersold the A/C. At speed it is cold... probably still needs a charge but very good.

Mechanically the thing is great. I am going to put an electric fan on it soon (the mechanical works fine) just a nice upgrade here in the hot southeast!!!

Here are a couple more...

Notice Pass side missing glass in mirror...:mad:

I will get some under the hood and drivers seat... and cracks in the dash...
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