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1987 4Runner for sale at Jersey Shore.

The vehicle has 80,850 miles. Interior & exterior pics can be seen at

The truck was purchased in July 2003 from a woman who inherited it from her father. He was retired in NM. Carfax verifies the registration. There were just under 60,000 miles on it. It had NO rust, but the paint was faded in places from the strong sun. The exterior is in terrific shape, with the exception of the fading of the paint on the top and the hood, and the side decals. One small spot is starting to oxidize in a wheel well. There are a few minor dents on the passenger side near the gas door (there is a picture) and below the front bumper, a few paint chips.

The interior is also in good shape - no holes or tears in the seats, altho the fabric has a few faded spots. The headliner looks excellent. The cushioned top of the center console is the only bad spot - it should be replaced.

The vehicle has been meticulously maintained. It has never had the cap off, although I've been told it comes off. It was put into 4WD once - when I was looking at buying the vehicle. 4WD has never been used since and has never been off public, paved roads. Mechanically it is very sound and we've never hesitated to take it to WV or NH.

However, 3RD GEAR has decided to disappear. This is the only problem with the vehicle that I know of. I am told it is the 'dogbone', but I can't vouch for the accuracy of that diagnosis (not that I know what a dogbone even is).

As I have 4 other vehicles in my driveway, this one has to go.

$750 or b/o.

Feel free to email / PM me for additional pics or if you have questions.
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