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1987 Tercel SR5 4wd manual

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I am getting a 1987 Tercel SR5 wagon that has 140K on it. When I was a little kid my dad had a Tan 83 SR5 wagon that I loved. When he finally traded it in it had over 300K on it I have always wanted to restore a Tercel SR5 4wd wagon and possible turbo the engine. I do not have any information on the engine code, strength of internal engine components, Transmission, etc... This site is great I looked for hours on google for Tercel info and finally I think I found the right place. Also if anyone has PICs of there Tercel SR5 wagon interior and or exterior please post them I would love to see some them.

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I'm the only fan of the 80's SR5 Wagon?
dkent2 said:

I'm the only fan of the 80's SR5 Wagon?
No. I like Tercels except I have trouble fitting in them.

Go to and search for people that own that model for pics (interior and otherwise). There's also a thread in the General section with somebody who owns that car and hasposted pics.

The engine should be a 3A-C series. 1.5L 8 valve SOHC carburated 4 cylinder. Roughly 60-70hp. Positively ancient by today's standards, but well built.

- John
try this site

This site is dedicated to the car in question

Check out postings from 3-ac
The site has actually moved to a new server. You can find the forums via
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