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89 camry all-trac
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I have decided to sell my All-Trac as I just got an 88 tercel wagon 4wd with a new engine, carb and $1100 worth of work for an afternoon of tree thinning and fuels reduction...

The alltrac is in great shape. It the 5 speed DX model Blue in color.

It currently has a spun bearing. When I went to look at it I was able to start it and it just sounded "like a spun bearing"
I dont want to mess with it now that I have the tercel. My objective of having a 4wd toyota car that gets good gas mileage is fulfilled. The body is in great shape. The car needs to be cleaned but I am 230 miles away so it is up to you. It also needs new tires. Perfect for the 3sgte swap... thats what I would do if I was keeping it. A sleeper that could keep up with a wrx would be real neat!

I wont have any pictures for a week but I will get something soon!



I want it sold by next weekend March 8-9.
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