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1988 celica gts-1987 celica gt and 1991 tercel dx for sale *parting out*

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The 1991 tercel is a red dx automatic, most parts are still available,The White 1988 celica gt-s manual is all their w/stock wing from that year, the Red 1987 celica automatic is all their, it was hit in the front but engine is still good as it didnt get hit, it has 94k original miles on it.

Let me know if any of you wants anything, Im located in southbridge,MA

thanks for looking!
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I can take pics of whatever you might want.

u2u sent
can u sell the 2 celicas whole? and how much for em and whats wrong?
I can sell them as whole, they have been sitting a while, the red one needs body work b4 it sat, everything was fine, the white one might be good, didnt smoke, ran great b4 it sat, but it did have a little grinding tranny noise i think.You would pick them up from canada?

I would sell both of them to you for $600 total pickup only, as theres TONS of parts here.
parts are complete cars :) aside the front end damage on the red gt, which consists of passanger fender and fron bumper damaged, other then that, complete parts cars :)

Please message me nex time, i dont want this post to be huge from just us talking, Thanks!
PM sent!
did the floors is good "very good" on the gts 88 ?
how many miles ?
a/c Working ?
email me they anwser thank
[email protected]
the center console!, can you take a pic, and email it to [email protected]
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