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1988 Corolla SR5, is it worth $900?

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I am considering buying an old Corolla. Is it worth $900?

A 1988 TOYOTA COROLLA SR5 COUPE for sale. It has 220,000 miles on it and runs great. It has a 4 cylinder motor and a 5 speed manual transmission. The exterior and interior are in good shape. All the gaskets has been changed which was about three years ago, the axles was changed last week which I still have the receipt for. The AC blows cold during the summer and gets very warm in the winter. I also have a CD player installed in this vehicle. Tires are in good shape as well. The only problem with this car is that the sunroof doesn't open which is not major at all.

Asking Price: $900 FIRM
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Is this car 4WD? Thanks
Id look at the engine block to ENSURE that the gaskets were changed, if they weren't you'll see oil soaked and grimy ones where the clean ones should be.

If they were or you trust the person, then its a solid buy.

Can't beat a good car for 900$.

OH check the brake lines! often those need replaced for a whole car this can run almost 70$ if you do it yourself. A shop will charge more so that's some negotiation room!
no, it's FWD.
Yeah, I would thoroughly check out the car. Also ask if the timing belt, clutch, or struts have ever been changed. These are major negotiating points. But if I was in the market for a car, and if the car checks out in the ways you mentioned, I would buy it.
Did a VIN check, seems like the odometer reading is not reliable: it read 217000 on 5/18/2007, and "exceed mechanical limit" after that. I haven't test-driven the car yet. Guess just need to pass. Any suggestions?
That car is so cheap for $900 man. get it.
at that kind of mileage it really doesn't matter anyway. it'll matter much more how it was taken care of rather than if it has an extra 10-20k on it.
Do as stated by previous posters and ask questions but for $900 you really can't go wrong. It should have a 4A-FE or a 4A-F which I know from experience will take one hell of a beating. If it passes inspection pick it up and drive it.
Ask if the speedo works. The cable simply could have popped out at some time in the recent past.
yea do what they said. if it was me though id try for 700-800 cash, more for the $700. just because it says firm doesnt mean he is actually set on $900. for me thats part of the fun buying a car, negotiating :)

also the sun roof can be a negotiation point too. i used to do sunroofs(installing A/M repairing) for awhile and it can be a bit of work

i wish i could find a GT-S or SR5 for that money around me id get it. :( lucky
to me, it's a rust-issue. Not rusty at all it's definately worth it. Any rust-outs down low and the value drops fast...
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