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1988 fx A Strange One

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My cousin's timing belt broke on her 1988 fx .After getting all new belts,she drove home. When she arrived, she tried to open the garage door with her remote control, it wouldn't work. She turned off the motor and entered the house with her key. Her husband came home , used his remote and opened the garage door-just fine. He tried her remote, it worked fine. But when he cranked up her car, neither remote would open the garage. What is going on ?Help?This is a weird one.
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That is weird... maybe interference from the radio, who knows.
VERY BERRY likely this has something to do with the ignition system. The spark plug wires are often the culprit. When the shielding on the wires wears out the high voltage they see can create interference with radio controlled devices.

So what I'm saying is, check the wires and all connections. Or just break a 20 and get a new set.

Hope this helps!


Edit: Could also be a cracked coil or cap, try running the engine somewhere dark and looking for arcing(sparks). Good luck...
hehe toyota soo powerful they will make your garage scared to open its door for it. XD thats crazy. but hopefully you got the problem fixed.
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