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1988 toyota corolla SR5 speaker installation?

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What options do i have for speaker placement in a 1988 toyota corolla sr5? I don't think a 6' round would fit in the doors. The 6x9's could go above the back seats. Anywhere else where i can put speakers?

My friend said we might be able to put the 6' rounds below the back seats on the verticle kick panels, he said we'd just have to pull the seat out and see if there is enough space.

Anyone know anything about this, or other places to put them?
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You have 4" in the doors and in the rear you have 5 1/4" according to the sounddomain web site. I'd spend the money on a nice set of 3 way components for the front. Using a 4" midrange in the door spot. And then build kickpods for the 6 1/2" midbass and tweeter. I wouldn't put anything in the rear and just use the holes there to let the bass come in from the trunk if you plan on running some subs.
That's probably the best idea.

BUT, i don't really have the money right now to invest in a set of 3 way speakers. I wanted to use what i have for now and then later on upgrade. Would it be smart to get the 6' rounds put down in kick boxes for now, and then later on i can get them replaced with the 3 ways and put the others in the doors?

And then put the 6x9's in the back and if i get a sub down the road take them out and use that as an air hole?
Ok so kick boxes aren't an option because they will cost an enormous amount of money and i can't build them myself.

Also there are no speakers in the rear, so i'm going to have to cut out the metal and put them in.

There is no place in the front for 6' rounds so i guess i cannot put them in. My only option as it seems is either my 6x9's or 6' rounds in the back, and then some 4' rounds in the dash to replace the stock ones.

Damn i wish i could get all 4 of my speakers in.

So what would be best, 6x9's in the rear or the 6' rounds? i like the sound of the 6' rounds better i think, but i dunno. What do you guys think?
Id go with 6 1/2" round speakers if possible. They're supposed to have better sound than 6x9's.
trdcamry2003 said:
Id go with 6 1/2" round speakers if possible. They're supposed to have better sound than 6x9's.
Yea i much prefer their sound. I think i may just use those in the back and then the stock 4's in the front for now. One day put a sub in as well.

I really don't want to pay for any 4' speakers cause they generally sound terrible.

Oh one thing i noticed is the trunk support bar that goes across the top of the trunk right below where the speakers need to go. It seems it might get in the way...

Any advice on this? There are currently no speakers holes back there.
Ive got an 88 sr5 and ive got no door speakers. It never had them. Weird.
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