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Hey guys my 1988 v6 Camry when you start it it revs at 2000rpm, in park when u put it into drive it went to rpm so it drops. i had a go and played with the idle screw so it now idles at 800 normal then when you put into drive it make this almighty clunk the car jolts forward and he rev meter bounces between 400 and 800 rpm then evens out to 800 . i have no idea what is causing this i just did a throttle body clean transmitting oil change and radiator flush it runs well. but i have the problem also when you brake and are coming to a stop its like the car takes a second to relies its change gears. but when u actually stop it jolts forward and wants 2 pull away for a second and then it lets u break this is kind of hard to explain so bare with me . yea guys any ideas im a first year mechanic asked a few people they said the timing may be out i duno what it is but it doesn't feel good. anyone with any input would be awesome thanks guys tom ... or if anyone has a 88 v6 Camry and has had any different problems with it would be good to discuss .

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We'll need a lot more information to really help out here...

Slow shifting while coming to a stop: recheck transmission fluid levels. It is probably a bit high which will cause what you are desicribing.

Idling high when the car is started is normal. Warm days it should be between 1k and 1.5k rpm. Cold days (freezing or below) it can be has high as 1.8k rpm on startup. It should drop after the engine starts warming up.

You will need to go through all the normal checks to see if idle control is working correctly... make sure there are no vacuum leaks, make sure the throttle cable is set correctly, make sure the sensors are within range/working, etc.

As for the cluck, it is hard to tell whether you are describing a broken engine/trans mount or there is something else wrong. Do some more investigation and see what you find.

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