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1989 corolla 4a-f choke problem

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Hi. This is my first time posting here and my first time working on a Toyota, so please forgive any noobishness.:)
I was just given a 1989 Corolla with the 4a-f motor (carbeurated). in the recent spate of chilly weather it ihas become damnably hard to start, taking thirty or more cranks to get it to catch, and then stalling three or four more times. This is my first carbeurater ever, and so I had to read the Haynes manual to even find out what a choke is, where to find it and how to check for proper operation. Upon inspection it seems that the choke is in fact sticking open and I can can get it to close by pushing with my thumb while I wiggle the throttle, and then it starts right up, although it still wants to stall a couple more times before it runs happily.

Needless to say, this is not how I like to start my day. Also, I take pride in the way my vehicles run and I would like to make the corolla purr- right now it is more of a choking gasp.

So, is there a way to unstick the choke with the carb still in the car? Or do I need to go buy a rebiuild kit and indoctrinate myself to the world of carbs?
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