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well well well
yes i am the guy stuck in mexico with my 1989 pick up with the crank but wont start problem yes the one where the idiot mechanic asked me to buy a new computer when all that was bad was the wires and the (spining thing inside the distributor)
well after replacing them it ran good up till this afternoon that it seemed was gonna die on me as if it were running out of gas
well now i replace the following;
distributor cap
spining thing inside the distributor
and crap !!!!
the coil was all nasty and weak on the spark

who found this out????:facepalm:
a 17 year old aprentice (using logic and common sense)
dont i feel like crap instead of listening to a shithead here
even though i know nothing about cars

i just want to share this with all of you in case you ever run into a poblem of cranks strong but wont start situation like me
please check the following really really good ;
your wires
your distributor cap
your spining thing inside the distributor
your coil
and if you ever run here in mexico with a mechanic named ''oscar'' that sounds like he knows his crap but he really doesn't
please shoot him in the ass and send me the bill !!!!

god bless you all and i hope my experience is of some help to someone

[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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