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OK here's the deal. I'm looking into buying this car but I know nothing about them. For $800 I can buy a 1989 toyota corolla SR5 that, "I", think is a super deal. I don't know what rocker panels are but they need to be fixed. I'm just looking for a comuter car to last a bit. I thought if I posted the information about it, those of you who do know could tell me if it's a good deal and that it is drivable without big fixing expenses as I am a single mother. Her it is:

$800 with the JDM front end!!!, located in MA. Drive it cross country!!
Car does not include TRD shifter, that has been sold. Will sell the car with the stock front end for $500.

$5726.75 put into this car, not including things I did myself, receipts I lost, or the cost of the car itself!!

I figure I should try and sell this so I can focus on my other car. I have owned this since May 05, and I have done tons of work on it. Here is what is new and I have done:

New windshield (as of 12/10/06) - $241.50
Both e-brake cables replaced (12/10/06) - $295.11
New (as of 5/18/06) Yokohoma Advan A460 185/60/14 tires - $280.36 + $21.35 mounting
4 wheel allignment (as of 8/21/06) - $55
Replaced both rear sway bar links - $119.94 parts and installation
Replaced ALL brakes and parts (rotors, drums, pads, shoes, springs, calipers, all OEM or Bendix) - $950 parts and installation
Replaced radiator (lifetime warranty) - $108
Replaced all hoses (upper and lower radiator hoses + one behind motor) - $35.44 + $37.48 labor
Replaced water pump - $46.69 + $131.16 labor
Replaced engine belt - $18.47
Relaced clutch - $186 + $533 installtion labor
Replaced motor mount - $25
Replaced both axles - $240
Replaced exhaust pipe from manifold back - $242.20
Replaced battery - $45
Replaced starter - $93
Replaced timing belt + tensioners - $96.90 kit + $131.16 labor
Replaced clutch safety switch - $89.74 + $37.50 labor + $59.96 diagnostics
Machined flywheel - $35
JDM Corolla GTS spoiler - $25
JDM GTS strut tower brace - $36 + $3 hardware
Corolla GTS gauge cluster - $62
Corolla GTS secondary gauges (not hooked up, but installed) - $22
Dash clock (car didn't have one) - $12
Nippon Denso Platinum plugs - $22.36
Toyota exhaust hanger - $45.76 + 27.68 labor
Ractive muffler (not loud, very tuned) - $59.99 + $62.50 installation
Pilot oval exhaust tip - $9.99
Brass PCV valve - $2.56
PCV grommet $1.98
4" chrome air cleaner - $12.88
Trueno hood and front bumper- $450 + installation (bumper sells for $400 on ebay alone!)
14" Proline rims - $128
KYB GR2 struts, all four - $190 + $40 install (special deal haha)

Fuse box contacts had corroded, paid $213 to have cleaned up

Car has a sunroof and power mirrors. No AC, no power anything else. Very light!

Pop-up lights work like new. All Trueno front lights are wired up.

Interior is mint. No stains or wear except for 3" or so on driver's seat bolster. Needs a cleaning, not bad though.

Exterior is in black priner. Almost ready for paint. Rocker panels need to be fixed (under the door part).

Car does not smoke or make any noises. No leaks. Mechanically it is sound. Carb could use a little tweaking though, doesn't like to go when cold. Might be the accellerator pump. Once warmed up drives fine.

The car is daily driven with no issues.

Tons of pics available, please ask.

Perfect light (low options) car for a 20v swap!

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Ask the owner himself, he's on this board and he would probably be the best to answer the big question... Is this car worth the money?

A lot of people will probably say no, a lot will probably say yeah, depends on whether you want to put a lot of money on this car or not, you can put a million dollars into this car and in the end it's still an $800 Corolla.

If the rocker panels (under the doors) need to be fixed that means there is rust there and this may or may not be passable for a safety check, depending on how bad it is, some mechanics will argue that you will need to fix any rust or you basically will never drive this car.

I'd say if you need a winter beater or parts for a similar car, go for it. If you need a car to drive daily and you're willing to put the time and money into this one, sure go for it.

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These have easily repairable rockers. However, its not the rockers you want to watch for, its the fenders, and the rear trunk floors on the sides of the trunk. I've had all these rot out on my Corolla, and with lots of welding, I was able to restore to like new! However, to most people, my car would not be worth the money pumped into it, because its still a 1000 dollar corolla in the end. The door bottoms rust out too as well.
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