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1990 22R Knock

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I bought a 1990 P/U with the 22R engine, after the engine warms up, it makes a sound like a rocker is knocking on the valve cover, but is quiet when cold...It also makes the same noise for a few seconds when you first start it until some oil gets up there. The truck has 150,000 highway miles and has been well cared for. Is this a possibility? or could this be a rod/bearing knock and the end of my motor? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

PS I hear from others that this is a relatively common thing for the 22R and can be fixed by adjusting or replacing lifters or rockers. Can some one help me with a plan of attack?

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how fast is the sound? does it sound like a valve issues (really fast) or pistion issue (not so fast) but you can try 2 things. buy a bottle of lucas oil treatment it helps to get oil in the dry spots. if that doesnt help i found using a bottle valvemetic or any other "vlave" quiting products worked for me.
I did the next best thing, I bought a rusted out 88 with a quiet engine, might tear down the old one and see what the issue was, thanks.
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