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*I'm still reading through the search results and manuals, but any help and insights would be appreciated*

My power steering system is leaking and I wanted to know if it's a one man job or if i have to take it in to the dealer or a mech.

I haven't isolated where the leak is coming from but a majority of the leak is coming from the right side of the engine bay [by the PS fluid resivoir].

A Toyota Service tech told me that my PS system need to get repaired and gave me a service/parts quote that made my eyes jump out their sockets.

I noticed over the last couple of months that i needed to add fluid every 3 or 4 fill ups. Now i need to add fluid every other fill up., is this a problem i can work on my own? or will i need help?

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Keep in mind that you can do almost anything yourself--it's just a matter of time. How long can you be without this car?

When I bought my Camry I had one mechanic do all of the work for the safety (about $3000 worth of work). He replaced the power steering rack on the car, and it cost me about $350 including a reman rack.

Figure out exactly where the leak is coming from. If it's a line, you can do it yourself with (relative) ease. If the rack itself is shot, try to find a mechanic who'll save you some cash: It's a pretty big job.:sosad:
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