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bought it as a winter beater... decided nah, screw it I have blizzacks on the mercedes anyway, so I will drive that in the winter... more comfy... anyway, teg's for sale, cheap.. make me an offer.

GS, 90, 5 spd, 220k, CDplayer, all power options, sunroof, alarm, new tires, no a/c, front end was hit, bumper cracked, hood dented on the side. Clutch is good, engine is very smooth, it has ABS, but ABS light's on, sensor maybe? its gonna be in the trader this week.

it is as-is, tires are all new, handbrake works, all lights/ power options work, doesnt leak oil, but it needs a windshield, & brakes grind when driving (so some rotor machining, + pads, etc)

$1200 until Tuesday, $1270 after tuesday (cost of auto trader ad)

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