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1990 camry le speakers

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I own a 1990 camry le and I just bought a JVC KD-G200 head unit. Now I'm about to replace my factory speakers. I havn't opened the cover of the speakers, but I'm guessing the rears are 4x6 and the left front is like a 3.5 and the right front speaker is like a 4.5? Can anyone help me out who knows the specific size of a 90 camry le factory speakers? Thanks...
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The fronts are 3.5"s with 4" plastic drivers housed in intriguing enclosures. You'll need to remove the entire lower hush panels just to access them. The rears are 5.25"s with the speaker basket serving as snap-ons for the grills. It also has a shallow mounting depth, thus, spacers are used. I have to say that this generation (2) was by far the hardest to upgrade.
thanks for the reply, is it possible for me to put bigger speakers, possibly 6.5 or 6x9 in the back without cutting a bigger hole? Also is there a website where you get the sizes of all these factory speakers? thanks
You will need to enlarge the rear deck holes and make spacers for the larger speakers since the trunk release bars are right underneath, thus, having no depth.

You can check Metra or Crutchfield for speaker sizes. Either database is pretty accurate.
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