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1990 camry probs!

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hey all, well this is actually my dads car and his prob but he didnt want to take the time to register so im doin it for him, heres the story.

i have a 02 echo and bought a TRD dress up kit for it and did some other misc. stuff to make it look nice . So he sees my engine and deceided to do some stuff to his engine bay he painted the alt., powdercoated the header shield / valve covers and some other little things and now the car wont start and it ran perfect before he did this stuff to it. He cant figure out what he did to mess it up.hes replaced the plugs,wires,checked all fuses and still nothing .the engine turns over and coil is hot but no spark. so any body got any ideas?..any help would be appreciated.-ricky
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Check the rotor and dist. cap / wires.

You can also measure the resistance on the coil.

Using an ohmmeter, measure coil primary resistance between the ignition coil terminals. Resistance cold should be approximately:

0.38 - 0.46 ohms.

Measure coil secondary resistance between the ignition coil terminals and the distributor cap high tension lead terminals. Resistance cold should be approximately:

7.7 - 10.4 kilohms.

P.S. Resistance values above are for a 3S-FE (4 cyl.)
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dist.,rotor, cap was fine , any other ideas?
^ Coil or ignitor.
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