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Hey all-
New to the forum. (Did a search before posting).
I have a 90 Camry V6 wagon with a sunroof problem.
It started where the rocker switch would do nothing
and then I started to hear slight movement. Now, I
can slide the glass back by hand and when the glass
is back, the motor whirrs in both directions (meaning,
I possibly have an ok motor), but it don't move the glass.

I am thinking broken cables, however, there is an
emergency release lever to the left of my E-brake lever.
I did not pull it (but I just got the car last week).
I assume it is for the sunroof, but I am not sure.

If someone pulled up on that, does it let the cables release
from the glass, allowing you to slide it manually, and escape the car?

How difficult is the repair, if my cables are broken?

Any help would be appreciated..
Tim R.

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the release is for the automatic seatbelts. Try to get them locked up, and then pull the release. You can undo the belts and it makes a lot of beeping racket.

My sunroof has the same problem, you have to take out the headliner and replace the tracks I believe. I just haven't had the time to do it.
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