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1990 celica and OBD

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Ok i have started hearing and reading about OBDII port which became compulsory in 96+ cars. My question is does my 1990 Celica "GTS" (actually its an Aus SX) have this port or something similar? I would love to be able to read realtime data off my ECU and be able to display the info on my laptop/PDA.
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i belive there a toyota program for that .... but unless you have the money to waist on that find what 2 pins you have to jump and watch the blinking check light ...
im not planning on spending alot of money on a toyota program, iam a programmer myself and have a bit of experience in electronics. I cant find much information on this so any information would be very much appreciated ;)
1990 are not OBDII, don't know if its even OBD. So it won't have the OBDII connector or ECU.
anyone got info on 1990 Celica "GTS" (Australia SX) ECU?
Anyone got a wiring diagram of the this car aswell?
It's OBD I. There are adaptors made for every single manufacturer DLC on pre-OBD II vehicles. On Toyota's, the DLC is a little gray box with the word Diagnosis on top of it. And FYI, it's not live data. It actually takes a couple of seconds. The older the vehicle, the slower the computer.
thanks OEMonkey for the reply, just a few questions.. Whats DLC stand for? and where approximately is it located (eg behind glovebox)?
Data Link Connector. And it's located under the hood on USDM cars.
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On the Celica is located right in front of the main clutch cilinder (right hand side of the car behind the shock tower if standing in front of the car)
I just have some minimal wiring diagrams that are in th Haynes manual, its the US manual but they apply to the Aussie cars too. Let me know if theres something in particular you need and i'll scan it at work for you.
Can anyone tell me what year the Celica got OBD II? Was it 96, 97 or before?

Innova has a OBD1-2 #3140d model SCANNER that hooks to it- Wiring diagrams are in Haynes manual.
ODB-II started in the 96 celica's. Its possible that only the USDM has that option. i know JDM has something similar but a US scan tool will not work on it.
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