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1990 Corolla maintainence advice help

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i'm going to buy a 1990 Corolla four door tomorrow with 300000 KMs on it. The car runs smooth and no holes :) All the rust have been fix appearently. However, i heard this 4AFE engine is bulletproof right?

What sort of maintenance should i go all over again to make it last as long as possible?

Here are something that i come across, please advice for more other things that helps my car reaches 500000Kms.

1. Oil/Filter Change
2. Air Filter Change
3. Radiator Fluid
4. Brake Fluid
5. Tranny Fluid
6. Differential Fluid
7. Proper tyre pressures
8. New brake pads or disc if it goes out soon
9. needed your help on this one
10... so is this one...

i don't mind paying more than $500 because this car is a very good bargain, one owner car and have been take care really well. i really can't ask for more, btw, will rustproof helps? :lol:
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I would CHANGE THE TIMING BELT! If it breaks, you will destroy all of your valves, as the 4AFE is an "interference motor" (according to what I have read online). The belt itself is cheap (I paid $18 retail for mine), but you have to remove the entire front of the engine to get to it. This makes the operation somewhat costly, unless you can do it yourself. I also have a '90 Corolla (but it's just a pup...only 148K pampered miles;) ). The timing belt on mine was just about ready to break when I changed it. It had cracks literally all over it, with some being deep cracks. Changing the T-belt is one of the first things I do when I get a car, and I am glad I did it on this one. If your belt breaks, then your Corolla could go from a great deal to a money pit very quickly. A timing belt that is in unkown conditon is not something you want to mess with. You should at least get a mechanic to check it by removing the upper timing belt cover and having a look. If there are no cracks in it you are okay...for now. Other than that, it looks like you have got a pretty good list of things to start with. You might want to add a new fuel filter to your list. These cars are very hard to kill if properly maintained. Regards, Aaron
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