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I am in the middle of installing a radio into my moms car, but Its missing the stock harness so I need the radio diagram to do the install but I cannot find one on the web or in my repair book, Cany anyone tell me the wires or forward where to get a diagram from? Thanks!

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Here you go.

Battery: blue/yellow
Accessory: gray
Ground: brown
Illumination: green
LF speaker (+): pink
LF speaker (-): violet
RF speaker (+): light green
RF speaker (-): blue
LR speaker (+): black
LR speaker (-): yellow
RR speaker (+): red
RR speaker (-): white

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Where exactly do the battery, accessory and ground tie into on the car? I am going to run a new connection for my new HU for my fried my OEM unit. I was told by a mechanic the accesory wire and battery wire are somewhere in the fuse box. Which one to be exact? On top of that, where to the wires go through the firewall?
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