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1990 SR5 Wiper Arm Removal..How?

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I snapped onea my wiper arms in half somehow.:lol: So I am gunna remove my arms tomprevent accidental activation and windshield scrapping but I dunno how? I remvoed the nut but theya re still stick. ANy help would be great.
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I had tired that before when i wanted them off for fun..didnt work..worke dthis time tho. Thanks :hammer:
Pop the tabs off down at the bottom of the arm. then unbolt it and remove...
I remvoed the nut but theya re still stick
He did it already :p:
oh....hehe...try to lube it and pull that sob off :)..
Well thanks guys, got them off yesterday..went to town..was driving home down the 401 and guess what mother nature does? Has a lightning storm! Of coruse all that means is you gotta drive faster to get the water off the window or follow sumones tail lights. :)
Damn that sux man get em fixed...don't kill yourself..:eek:
Just throw on some rainX as a temp solution.

There are 3 AE92 coupes at Standard, just grab a new wipper.
AE92 wiper arms are held by 2 philip screws.....and almost 90% of em out there are rusted on.....the only way to take them off is heat of the area around the screw and gentally unscrew it.....once they gotta either drill and it and retap or get a brand new pair of vise grip and grab the broken screw out.... done so many of them at work and they are pain in the ass for free charge.
Standard's.. I'll be there on monday again.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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