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A friend has a 1990 Toyota Tercel (Carbed, California Smog edition). I did some maintenance for her and noticed that on the air intake snorkel where the flap is that switches from hot air from the exhaust to cold air when the engine is warmed up, the two little plastic pieces that hold the fulcrum of the flap in place are missing.They look like little plastic plugs that have a hole in the middle and can be inserted and twisted so they stay in place.

The way things are right now without the plugs, the flap does not work correctly. I disabled it for now, only letting cold air get into the engine, but I want to get it back to proper operation.

The Toyota dealer only has the complete intake for ~$200 and the junk yards have only intakes with the plugs also missing. Rockauto doesn't seem to have the plugs or I haven't looked in the right place.

Can anyone supply a part number or give me advice on where to get the plugs? I'd really appreciate it.


Santa Jose, CA
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