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1991 3.slow - no start after bogging it...?

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This is my son's pickup ( that I have 15+ hours in making new brake and fuel lines for + new tank.) 1991 3.0 4X4

So he and a few buds got their trcks stuck in some trails. They sat overnight and had to be pulled out by a modified Sherman tank ( I kid you not).

now, the front end was slighly into a deep puddle, which surface froze, right at around the oil pan level. So after the truck was pulled out of the hole, we had to melt the ice surrounding the crank balancer pulley to get it to crank, and finally crank it did. but did not fire. Almost... but no fire.Now, its not my truck but having spent too many hours working on it with junior, there was an odd "knocking" noise seeming to come from the airbox MAF during the cranking.I was thinking it was some ice still.

We got her home, let it sit for a day in a somewhat heated garage ( 55), and we still have a no start. We have good blue spark, we smell some fuel after cranking.

Tested the fuel pump relay and got 69 oms across the connected pins. and then..... we're lost........ What diagnostics would you all perform from here? ( I told junior I wanted to roll the motor to TDC and check the cam timing, but damn, that is a huge job) . Ran fine before it was shut down and froze overnight.

Suggestions? How can we test for fuel psi? TIA! we're STUMPED!
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No one? We ran thru a series of tests MAP, Relays, etc. Here is a question. Injector test. Disconnected the cold start/TPS harness, pulled an injector harness , connect the test lamp, and it glows ON until we crank and then it flickers? Isnt that backwards? Both pins did this.

All things seem to be leading us to the ECM. Any recommendation on whom to use to test/fix the module?
Well oh well, we had no idea the tming belt isnt totally sealed, The ice must have "frozen" the belt in place and slipped it out of time on our first start attempt. Man was it off. Cams are properly timed again and SHAZZAM! The 3. slow is alive again!~
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