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Hi all, first post here. Some of the past posts have been very useful.

1991 Toyota 4Runner V6 3.0L SR5

I'm replacing my oxygen sensor and I heard to go with the original manufacturer for a replacement. I finally got the old sensor out, but I have a potential problem. The sensor shapes are not matching up (picture attached). I'm hesitant to install the new one in case this new one behaves differently. Can anyone confirm the original manufacturer (and possibly part number) for the oxygen sensor?

I read in the original maintenance manual that the resistance across the sensor should be between 5-7 ohms. My new one read 6.1 ohms. It is good in that regard.

I could never find hard evidence on the original sensor manufacturer, but it seemed to be Denso - so I ordered from them. On their site I entered my car information and found 234-4050 (universal) and 234-4055 (OE style). I chose the later and bought it from Denso on Amazon (can't link to it since this is my first post, apparently).

PS: I'll be the first to tell you this probably could have been done 10 years ago. It was thanks to this forum that I even learned about how to replace it and I'm happy to be doing it now.

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