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1991 Celica GT, Rebuilt - Wont start

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I bought a 1991 celica with a blown head ( owner drove the car for 10mins while over heated)

Tossed out the old engine and bought an engine from a 1993 N/A MR2, bought a rebuild kit.

rebuilt the engine ( turns out the mr2 engine used 86mm pistons instead of the 87mm like the celica)

Rebuilt engine with
All new bearings
All new pistons / piston rings

slapped everything together drop the engine in now I'm having issues trying to start the car.

It' has fuel, has compression , has spark however it just wont start.

Compression check out at 150 all around. I'm kinda clueless now anyone have this issue before? is the MR2 Egnine not capable to run on the celica ecu?

I'm currently using the Celica wiring harness and ECU for the engine, everything plugs up as it should.
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I got it to run propperly now, It was due to the cam shaft timing, Now I'm having issues with the coolant puking out after every drive ( at the coolant reservor ) I believe this might be due to a bad water pump.

So I will be redoing the water pump soon.
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