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1991 cressida , What coolant to use ?

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Hello , I just picked up a 1991 cressida . I had to replace the thermostat and started to think about antifreeze .I have a red type in the car , now (not sure what type it was in there when I got the car)

I looked at the owner's manual and all is has to say is use ethylene-glycol ( NON ALCOHOL )

I hear that toyota red is high in $$$$$.
1. It is just "red" with low or no silscate is that right ?????
2. What is a good brand to use from say a walmart or auto parts store??????

Thanks , bigvito

P.S. Looked around on the net and didn't much on this subject for this car ..
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it probably has toyota red...yes it's a little pricey but good. it's also exclusive: don't mix it with other stuff. if you drain and flush the system, go ahead and use regular green ethylene-glycol type.
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