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1991 LC Air Won't Blow on 'HIGH'

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My 1991 Land Cruisers A/C works fine...but it won't blow on the 'high' setting. It works on low, med, etc..but when switched to the highest setting, it still blows the same as the setting before.
Any help on what the issue might be?

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I think the fan switches are of dubious quality. Over the years I have lost low and medium speeds and will replace it if I lose medium/high and high.
I have seen the same issue in other LCs. This is possibly where your issue is also. There are other possibilitys such as a dirty evaporator core restricting flow or a air divertor/cable problem, but the switch is most likely.
losing the lower settings usually means that the resistor for the blower switch is bad. You will retain the high settings. Thats an EASY fix. its under the glovebox- 2 screws hold it in, and it has a 4 wire plug that goes into it. $40 at Toyota, $15 at auto stores. I just tried a new one on mine, and it didnt fix the problem with the high settings. I hate to have to take the dash apart to get to the switch, but I guess its my next option.

Thanks for the advice. Sorry I could not help you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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