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I bought this lexus about 3 months ago with a blown radiator for $580; running with no check engine lights on. Ran it for about 3 weeks and it overheated and burned up all the coolant. The head gasket was out. Removed everything and replaced the head gasket, as well as the water pump, timing belt, thermostat, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, crank main seal, valve cover gaskets and O rings, engine oil+Filter, Coolant, and a couple other things i cant recall.
So far the mechanical timing looks to be correct. The crank pulley at 0 and both cams lined up at 12 o'clock. Set at #1 Cylinder TDC then stuck in the distributor.There is spark at the plugs. I've checked fuel which there is at the cold start injector while cranking. the fuel is 3 months old, could it be bad fuel? What I haven't yet checked is compression. So ill attempt a compression test and see what i get.
Also, i broke the green Bi-Metal Vacuum Switching Valve(BVSV) where the two vacuum lines connect.
Also a Vacuum Switch Purge Valve VSV Sensor Solenoid Part Number#90910-12032
Could those two valves somehow facilitate a no start situation?
Any input would be GREATLY APPREACIATED! Thanks for reading! :)

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Hello, Andrew, welcome to Toyota Nation!

Sorry to hear about your issue, but I see you already have posted to the Gen 1/2 Camry forum where a lot of ES250 owners post up. Hopefully the members in that forum will help you find a resolution. :thumbsup:
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