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1991 toyota tercel

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I've got a 1991 2 door tercel for sale
body is MINT no rust (actually there is one spot on the surface of the fender that is about 1" by 1" .. and that's exaggerating it.)
engine is MINT
car has 125 000 km
basically this car is a get in and go car
looking to get 3500 for it
i can't really say anymore because well...
there's nothing to brag about... it's that clean
undercarriage is MINT
body is MINT
engine is MINT
Located in Mississauga
Pics coming soon

actually i think it's dirty.. :lol:
I'll have to wash it
let me know if you're interested
car is that light green colour
oh.. it's a 2 door
the only reason i'm even thinking of selling is because i really should grow up and realize i will need the money for school
so think about it
and pm me
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LO C A T I O N and some pics wouldn't hurt. :disappoin
sorry bout that
posted the location
and... hoping to get pics up soon

guess you wouldnt consider parting it out?????????
:lol: no
this one is a perfect unmolested tercel
it's almost like going to the dealer to pick it up...
it's that clean
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ripe for the molesting :lol:

didnt hurt to ask

good luck:thumbup:
he he
if it doesnt' sell you'll see what comes out of it
thanks for asking though
hopefully it sells quick so that i can go to school:D
well, if you DO part out a beautyful tercel... TELL US.... only if you dont sell it :). only IF YOU DONT SELL IT...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts